STOW speaks to Victoria Pendleton CBE, British Double-Winning Olympic Gold Medalist and Jockey

To where would you most like to stowaway?

I love to stowaway to anywhere in the Caribbean as it is somewhere I’ve never visited before and would love to explore.

Who would you take with you?

I would take my mother with me, I think going somewhere with beautiful beaches that we could relax on would be heavenly we have been talking about it for years.

One essential piece of kit you cannot travel without, and why?

I have to carry geranium and citronella oil, biting insects are really attracted to me for some reason. If you sit next to me you will be safe.

What is your favourite Stow piece, and why?

I really love the effortlessly chic Carolina tote, I have quite a simple style and this would be very adaptable for many occasions. I like things to be equally functional and beautiful, I’m very practical at heart.


What would you keep in your STOW secret stowaway envelope?

I would probably keep my soapstone totems I picked up in La Paz, they are trinkets that I keep close to hand, the Llama for guidance the Owl for wisdom. I am not a religious person but do love all concepts of spirituality.

Luxury or practicality – which one are you?

Practicality, I like to invest in quality items that stand the test of time, I am not in to disposable consumerism or fast fashion. I have always been very conscious of the impact that I have on the environment and find beauty in simplicity. I crave a simple fuss free lifestyle.

Best piece of travel attire to stay stylish when on the move?

I love a nice travel wrap/military scarf to keep you warm in air conditioning, give you privacy when you are sleeping and protect you from the elements on arrival.

How do you stay stylish when travelling?

I think travelling light is stylish, I like to keep everything organised and compact, wearing simple, smart, casual clothes.

Best piece of fashion advice you’ve received?

Invest in quality, staple, classic items that will stand the test of time. I love a well cut blazer that can be dressed up or down.

Who is your travel hero/heroine and why?

Ben Fogle is my travel hero, when we traveled out to Nepal to climb Everest his luggage got delayed and he spent a week trekking in shorts, shirt and a sports blazer. He didn’t complain once and looked utterly stylish.

Which luxury item can you not travel without?

I love my Leica D-Lux camera, I regret not taking enough pictures when I was younger, so I am really trying to change my habits. This is a beautiful compact camera which helps me capture my adventures effortlessly.

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