Summer brings new horizons. Time to check in, check out and recharge.

If you’re into crazy blue seas and white-sand beaches we’re revealing Galicia’s secrets. Prefer city life? Then you’ll love these top spots in Valencia. Or perhaps you fancy being marooned on a desert island? We reveal the luxuries celebrities couldn’t live without.

New out in orange and pink and blue. Stow’s new must-have tech case is one for travellers who like to make their own rules.

Also, in this issue, find out more about one of Stow’s Ambassadors, Janine Di Giovanni, who just loves her job. And just what does Serena Guen from Suitcase Magazine pack for her holidays?

Happy summer!


P.s. If you’d like to add some glam to your holiday look, there’s still time to get your hands on our new Carolina Travel Tote, as featured on our front cover.