Travel – Retreat and Recharge

RETURN TO JOURNAL Retreat and recharge TRAVEL • The Journal • Feb 19 This year is all about grounding ourselves, connecting with Mother Earth, chasing unique experiences, de-cluttering mind and soul on our travels. It is less about coming home laden with souvenirs and more about recharging and reconnecting our body and mind. Interestingly the [...]

Hola Baby!

RETURN TO JOURNAL Hola Baby! TRAVEL • The Journal • Nov 18 Flying from one glamorous destination to another the Jet Set built a lifestyle partying around Europe. Spain provided some suitable hedonistic hotspots with Marbella on the route frequented by the intellectual JetSet. The place attracted avant-garde characters like French artist and writer Jean [...]

Galicia – A coast less travelled

RETURN TO JOURNAL Galicia - A coast less travelled TRAVEL • The Journal • Aug 18 It’s a place well known to wild-campers, walkers, surfers and those who don’t mind a spot of rain. Happily listed in ‘The Stormrider Guide’ as a coast with a tortuous outline providing a thousand-and-one different waves, it is a place [...]

Honeymoons for the well-travelled

RETURN TO JOURNAL Honeymoons for the well-travelled TRAVEL • The Journal • May 18 Honeymoons. In the 19th century they were purely practical affairs, when the upper classes visited relatives unable to attend the nuptials. Later, during the early 20th century a voyage to warmer climes was considered beneficial to a new wife’s health, so the [...]