Jenny Tough

RETURN TO JOURNAL Jenny Tough SPIRIT • The Journal • Nov 19 Adventure these days comes in glorious technicolour with vibrant images of stunning locations constantly hitting our social media feeds. Whilst we queue for our take-out coffee, someone somewhere is reaching a summit or crossing a finish line; it’s enough to make you want [...]

Janine Di Giovanni: A woman with a voice for others

RETURN TO JOURNAL Janine Di Giovanni: A woman with a voice for others SPIRIT • The Journal • Aug 18 'I’m a writer and a mother and a quester’ says Janine Di Giovanni in her Instagram opener. A pretty humble summary when you consider what others say about her. ‘One of our generations finest foreign correspondents’ [...]

Allan Edward Hinton

RETURN TO JOURNAL Allan Edward Hinton SPIRIT • The Journal • May 18 When someone is known on Instagram as @chaiwalla, an image immediately springs to mind. Not, perhaps, one of a social media strategist in a smart suit. Allan Hinton (aka @chaiwalla) is certainly smart, but he doesn’t wear suits much these days. Ever since [...]

Carol Lovell – STOW’s colourful founder

RETURN TO JOURNAL Carol Lovell – Stow’s colourful founder SPIRIT • The Journal • Feb 18 Five years ago, in the midst of a bitter English winter, Stow was conceived. On this special anniversary we thought it apt to look at the woman behind the luxury brand that has taken the UK by storm. Carol Lovell [...]