On Location… London

man walking past colourful houses in a street
RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... London ON LOCATION • The Journal • Mar 20 Alison Gulliman is a Londoner. Born and raised in North-West London she knows all the local spots and a few that she won’t share with anyone. A florist and founder of London Blooms Ltd (@ali_flowers_123), she is based in Queens Park, [...]

On Location… Edinburgh

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... Edinburgh ON LOCATION • The Journal • Nov 19 Known the world over for its annual cultural explosion during the August Festivals, Edinburgh has great culture year-round and also incredible natural beauty: the mountains and the sea both easy to get to from the city centre. In one day you [...]

On Location… Cape Town

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... Cape Town ON LOCATION • The Journal • Aug 19 ‘This cape is the most stately thing we saw in the whole circumference of the earth’, wrote Sir Francis Drake in 1580 when he discovered the Cape Peninsula, on which Cape Town sits. The accolades have continued through history: in [...]

On Location in Shanghai

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location...in Shanghai ON LOCATION • The Journal • May 19 Also known as the Paris of the Orient, Shanghai is China’s biggest and most prosperous city. A pulsing, modern metropolis, its futuristic skyline is continually reaching for the sky, yet it boasts an impressive architectural heritage: pristine art deco buildings, Buddhist [...]

On Location in Suffolk

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location...in Suffolk ON LOCATION • The Journal • Feb 19 Artists, writers and creatives are drawn to in Suffolk: silvery waterways, pink skies and shimmering rushes cannot help but inspire. However fashionable towns like Aldeburgh and Southwold attract escapees from London life too. But the real secret of Suffolk is the [...]

On Location…Valencia

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location…Valencia ON LOCATION • The Journal • Aug 18 ‘Valencia is an easy city to get to know. It’s always changing too, which keeps it exciting. Every day I discover new places – a bar here or a restaurant there.’ Diana Artiguez is most definitely a modern European. Born and raised in [...]

On Location…Los Angeles

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location…Los Angeles ON LOCATION • The Journal • May 18 "I love that in a city obsessed with cars, living in Santa Monica means I can cycle everywhere instead…and I do!" Robert Gallagher is London born, but landed in Los Angeles twenty years ago. An avid surfer, he soon made his way [...]

On Location… Mauritius

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... Mauritius ON LOCATION • The Journal • Feb 18 "The beautiful Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is the only holiday location I have returned to regularly." Jason Good left Investment Banking a few years ago in order to spend time with his children and pursue his passion for travel. He now [...]

On Location… Little Cayman

Little Cayman
RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... Little Cayman ON LOCATION • The Journal • Nov 17 "Little Cayman is one of the most luxurious places on earth. The luxury lies in what isn’t there, as opposed to what is there." Raoul Pal is the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision Group, the groundbreaking multi-media group telling financial [...]