‘Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions’ said Pablo Picasso. Painters, often instinctively, use the energy of colour to enhance meaning in their work. In the early 1900s, saddened by the loss of a friend, Picasso painted almost exclusively in monochrome tones of blue, using cool hues to evoke the chill of sadness […]

Stow’s First Class Tech Case: The 21st Century Hat Box

Meghan Markle

Until the industrial revolution brought steamships and trains to Britain, the fastest mode of transport had been a galloping horse. Far-flung travel was strictly the preserve of explorers. But in the 19th century, as the golden age of steam travel caught the imagination, railway stations and quaysides bustled with well-to-do Victorian men and women, attendant […]

Endurance South Pole 100 Expedition land in Antartica

Background story: As with the majority of our luxury leather travel accessories, our phone charger power bank wallet is named after a famous historic adventurer, in this case James Wordie whose grand daughter Alice is a life long friend of Stow’s founder Carol Lovell. Born in Glasgow in 1889, and a student at St. […]