On Location… London

man walking past colourful houses in a street
RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... London ON LOCATION • The Journal • Mar 20 Alison Gulliman is a Londoner. Born and raised in North-West London she knows all the local spots and a few that she won’t share with anyone. A florist and founder of London Blooms Ltd (@ali_flowers_123), she is based in Queens Park, [...]

Abigail Harrison

abigail harrison
Abigail Harrison Friends of STOW • Mar 20 STOW speaks with Abigail Harrison, also known as 'Astronaut Abby'. At only 22, she is the founder of The Mars Generation, a non-profit organisation elevating the focus on human space exploration for her generation. An aspiring astronaut, her goal is to be the first astronaut to walk [...]

Go Wild

RETURN TO JOURNAL Go Wild WONDER • The Journal • Mar 20 Holidaying at home this summer? Apart from obvious environmental benefits, it does have its advantages. There’s something delightful, we think, about loading up the car with abandon, having the ‘why not chuck those in’ conversation rather than the ‘is this under 100 ml’ [...]

On Location… Edinburgh

RETURN TO JOURNAL On Location... Edinburgh ON LOCATION • The Journal • Nov 19 Known the world over for its annual cultural explosion during the August Festivals, Edinburgh has great culture year-round and also incredible natural beauty: the mountains and the sea both easy to get to from the city centre. In one day you [...]

Henry Cookson

Henry Cookson Friends of STOW • Nov 19 STOW speaks to Henry Cookson who traded the banking world to found his own adventure travel company. Passionate about the transformative power of travel, Cookson Adventures (www.cooksonadventures.com) curates adventurous itineraries for those who love to travel well. Where’s top of your travel wish-list and why?     [...]